The server

You are invited to submit an instance to our LOGOPTIMIZE server using the form below. You simply have to upload the input file that contains its data. It is very important that you follow the instructions given in the articles “The Input Format and “Limitations” and then supply a file in one of the following formats:

  • plain ASCII file with extension .txt in the name, or
  • zipped (single) ASCII file with extension .zip, or 
  • gzipped ASCII file with the extension .gz.

The result will be sent to the address you will supply in the form.

We are planning to collect all the interesting instances that are submitted to the server. Moreover, we would like to set up a showcase of interesting real-world problems that are approached with the help of logic optimization. To this end, we ask you to tell us as many details as possible about your instance and about the real-world application it comes from.

Of course, you will receive the appropriate credit wherever the instance you supplied is mentioned on this website. If to the contrary, you prefer to remain anonymous or if the data that you supply have to be kept confidential, please specify so in the description field of the form.

Unless specified otherwise in the description field of the form, by pressing the submit button below you grant the right to use the instance and its associated description anywhere on this website. is in no case responsible for any use made of the results of the optimization process that you receive via e-mail upon the instance submission through the form below.

Please, write your name here
Insert the address where you want to receive the results
We would be very grateful to you if you would write a description of the instance here, telling, e.g., if it comes from a repository or if it is randomly generated, or if it comes from a real-world application. In the latter case, it would be very useful to know also something about the application. Thanks a lot for your cooperation !
Click to select the instance file. The files allowed are either text files with extension .txt, or gzipped text files with extension .gz, or zipped (single) text files with extension .zip